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With BLOM Bank Egypt internet service you can guarantee a quick, safe and easy way to access to your accounts. Our E-banking service allows you to do several tasks online safely and in a secure way.

    Wide services are provided through our online banking module that can make you more comfortable in dealing with our bank, including:

    • Online statements
    • Account inquiry
    • Certificate of deposit inquiry
    • Time deposit inquiry
    • Transactions history inquiry
    • View your credit card transactions
    • Transfer between own accounts
    • Make credit card payment through transfers from your current or savings account
    • Instruct a standing order for making payments such as loan installments or credit card through transfer between own accounts
    • Check Book request
    • Request a money transfer to a Certificate/Deposit Account
    • Request a personal loan/car loan/ housing loan/ credit card
    • Change the nickname of your accounts
    • Request to open a sub-account on your primary account
    Since security is considered to be a top priority for BLOM Bank Egypt, the online service will include:
    • Session time outs.
    • Passwords expiry dates
    • Password complexity.
    • Virtual keyboard for password entry.
    • Encryptions and service firewalls.
    To Sign up for our online banking service, all you need is to visit one of our branches, fill the application, and collect your password. With BLOM Bank Egypt online service you can guarantee your peace of mind.

    Click here to access our Retail E-banking system. 
    Click here to access our Corporate E-banking system.


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