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Ain Shams Medicine Renaissance Fund
Al Awqaf Ministry – The School Bag, Blanket & Winter Clothing Project
Al Awqaf Ministry – El Odheya Voucher Donation
Al Azhar Al Sharif -Zakkah & Sadakah House - "Sadakah"
Al Azhar Al Sharif -Zakkah & Sadakah House - "Zakkah"
Al Azhar Channel
Al Azhar University - Al Hussein University Hospital Fund
Cairo University - National Cancer Institute  
Egyptian Economy Support
Egyptian Heritage Fund
Egypt Support Fund 306306
Egypt's Renaissance Fund 333/333
For The Love of Egypt 222-222
Life Makers Association Egypt
Life Makers Association -Egypt -Shalatin & Halayeb
Long Live Egypt / Tayha Masr 037037
Long Live Egypt / Tayha Masr - Virus C Treatment Project
Long Live Egypt / Tahya Masr - The Treatment of The Effects of Natural Disasters
Long Live Egypt\ Treating The Phenomenon of Homeless Children Fund
Long Live Egypt\ The Development of the Most Needy Villages Fund
People’s Rights Fund
Suez Canal Inauguration Contribution
Support The Families Of The Martyrs Fund 500/500
Supporting Egyptian House Campaign For Renovating 111111
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Egypt’s Nomination for the Position of Director General of UNESCO
The Mosque & Church Fund
The National Institute For Liver & Gastrointestinal Tract Fund – Liver Transplant Program
Zewail City of Science and Technology 1000-1000
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